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Ocean harvest foodstuffs co.,ltd

Ocean Harvest foodstuffs Co.,Ltd Is A Major Supplier Of Frozen Seafood Products From China To The World, The Company Specialize In Producing And Exporting High Quality Frozen Seafoods, our factories are EU/FDA approved and BRC/MSC certified. The production process complies fully with HACCP, FDA and EU quality standard .

Our Products Included Frozen Squid(Illex Argentinus, Todarodes Pacificus , Dosidicus Gigas ), Frozen Vannamei White Shrimp,Frozen Yellow Croaker, Frozen Tilapia , Frozen Golden Pompano , Frozen Black Pomfret, Frozen Octopus ,Frozen Sea Bass , Frozen Red Drum , Frozen Cooked Clam, Frozen Cooked Mussel , Frozen Imitation Crab Sticks  ,Frozen Seafood Mix ,Frozen Scallop ,Frozen Moonfish , Frozen Mackerel , Frozen Pollock Fillets/Portions ,Frozen Cod Portions/Loins, Frozen ATF Fillets ,Frozen Chum Salmon Fillets /Portions /Steak ,Frozen Ocean Perch Fillets ,Dry Salted Pollock Fillets/Migas ,Frozen Haddock Filets ,Frozen Saithe Fillets.

Our Products are Mainly Exported To USA, Canada , Chile ,Panama ,Mexico, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and HK Etc. We Are Committed To Satisfy the Needs Of International Business Through Inclusive Market Informations, Competitive Prices, Total Quality Control, Reliability, On-Time Delivery.Ocean Harvest foodstuffs Co.,Ltd Is Also Always Innovating By Developing And Expanding Its Product Range.

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